Where we are going

On Thursday the 23rd of April we will be leaving Cape Town for France. We arrive in Paris on the 24th and head straight for Decize. Our aim is to get there in the morning and do our shopping and then Dave will drop me off at the boat basin. I will do the check in while he takes the car back to Nevers. Hopefully everything will go to plan and we will leave Decize in the afternoon and spend the night in Cercy-la-Tour. We have already visited the old city of Decize so that is not a priority this visit.

The following day we will head to Panneçot and on the Sunday night we plan on being in Châtillon-en-Bazois where we know there is a bakery and a butcher. On Monday we will sleep tied up in the lake at Baye so that we can head through the 3 tunnels and down the 16 locks as early as possible. This will take us to Corbigny. From there we head to Tannay where will spend our last night on the barge.

Due to the 1st of May being a public holiday, we have cut our barge trip one night short and will spend the night in Auxerre. As we are staying in a hotel we have decided to eat at a one star Michelin restaurant that evening. With limited train service on the 1st we will leave Auxerre for Paris just after lunch. We are spending the weekend in Paris in an apartment so that we can take advantage of the amazing markets. We leave for home on Monday the 4th of May.

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