Flying to Paris – April 23

We are finally at the airport for the first leg of our trip. We fly out of Cape Town to Johannesburg. Our suitcases are checked through and we are relaxing in the lounge. Our holiday has begun. Our flight to Johannesburg left late and then landed on the furthest runway from the airport possible. We parked opposite the international departures and bussed to the terminal. By the time we had walked through the airport, gone through security and got into the queue for passport control we had 10 minutes to boarding. A customs official helped us jump the line and we had enough time to have a quick visit to the lounge where I washed the top half of me. We then went to the gate to stand in a queue! Thankfully a short one. But, our flight left half an hour late! Supper was a very nice chicken and noodle dish served with a not nice salad, average cake and sweetened yoghurt. I ate my mini baguette with brie. A glass of champagne and a bottle of wine later it was time for sleep. I managed 6 hours of sleep. Interrupted by a baby crying. We woke up in time for Dave to shave before breakfast of a sweet crepe, coffee, more yoghurt which I didn’t eat, fruit salad which was fresh and crisp and a croissant. Sadly only one cup of coffee. Teeth brushed, top changed, face washed and make up on, I feel ready to face the day!

with love from France
Tandy and Dave

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