Another Barge Trip

So, another barge trip is being planned. We had chosen the ‘white wine’ route in Burgundy to do in 2014 as it was the easier route lock wise, and because Nico wanted to visit Sancerre. I’m really glad that we got to see Sancerre before we left the barge. Had it not been for Tim disobeying his boss, our trip would have been so different. But, it also gave us the opportunity to look at the trip we would have done which is known as the ‘red wine’ route. We will be doing this trip on a cruiser boat as there are no penichettes for our chosen route. We will also be going down as there are a lot of locks – 16 of them in a row in one day and down is easier for just the two of us to negotiate. The route is slightly more expensive which shows how popular it is. We will do a Friday to Friday trip, ending on the 1st of May as the locks are closed on that day. Being our third barge experience we have more knowledge about how things work. We will do a big shop in Decize with the car before we leave. There is a market in Decize on a Friday which we will go to first. We land in Paris at 05:35 and it is a 3 hour car ride. Once wev’ve off loaded the car, Dave will drive it back to Nevers and catch the train back to Decize. Thanks to Air Fraance, our flights were cheaper than flying locally! I’m already looking forward to this trip, just the two of us!

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