Back home – May 5

Yes, I know it’s well past the 5th. But is has been hectic since we got back. Before we boarded our flight we had our last macaron – Iicourice for me and lemon for Dave. The couple sitting behind us were sick – she was coughing like a dog, and he had a fever. And they treated the cabin staff like they were idiots. Our meals were good, the flight uneventful and we made it to the boarding gate for the flight back to Cape Town just before it closed. And then we sat! The door would not close properly and it took half an hour for the engineers to sort it out. Not that I’m complaining about that delay. We got back to the office and cancelled all the credit cards and left work after 4pm. We went to get something to cook for dinner from Woolworths and came home for an early night.

with love from Gordons Bay
Tandy and Dave

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