Day trip from Paris – May 4

Woke up bright and early and packed up. Checked out of the apartment and headed for Gare du Nord. On the way we stopped for breakfast of croissants and espresso. We picked up our rental car and headed for Provins. This is the best remaining example of a walled city and is an UNESCO world heritage site. We walked through the old city, shopped for lunch and went into a Benedictine church. We had lunch overlooking the old tower and then headed to Château-Thierry. Here we stopped for coffee and bought a flan to share at the local bakery for dessert. Big fields are scattered with memorials, cemeteries and bunkers relating to World War 2. We drove past a Villeroy and Boch sign at a factory near La Ferté Gauches. This is the company where my dinner service is from so I will look into this further when we get home. We then headed for Reims where there are thousands of vines – this being the champagne route. After that we drove through Soissons and decided not to stop. This turned out to be a good choice as it started raining before we had got out of the city. On our way to Charles de Gaulle we saw what looked like a prostitute drive through! After putting petrol in the car (and getting caught in after work traffic) we returned the car at the airport. Dave had his wallet stolen in the men’s room and we had to report it to the police. We had a seriously long wait for someone who spoke English! We went to do self service check in and self service bag drop off. The check in was easy but it would not print our boarding passes. The lady at the entrance to the bag drop off was anything but helpful. Then the man in charge of the drop off checked our passports and the boarding passes on Dave’s phone. Dave went back to the police and I stood in the queue to drop off our bags. And guess what – we needed the boarding pass. After I had told the man Dave was leaving me to go to the police. Thankfully a helpful lady was available to get the bags into the system and printed us our boarding passes. I went to the police and a nice young gentleman was helping Dave make the report. This took an age and thankfully we were early! Or had we been on time maybe Dave would not have been in the wrong place at the right time. What a bugger. The plus side is that the policeman could stamp our passports and escort us through to security, bypassing passport control. We went through security, bought a bottle of whisky and Cointreau and we are getting ready to board our flight. Overall, its been a great holiday!

"May 4'
May 4

with love from France
Tandy and Dave

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