Paris – May 3

Woke up to a wet Paris. We had bagels with cheese for breakfast and then got another all day metro pass. Well worth it for €7. Went to the Marché des Enfants Rouge at 39 Rue de Bretagne (M3 Temple) but it was nothing special. We got mushrooms and asparagus and that was it. Then went to Marché du Boulevard Raspail which is at the exit Rennes M12. There we bought pate du foie for lunch and chipolatas aux herbes for supper. We also got a tiny punnet of organic strawberries for €5.85 *gulp*. Then we headed back to the apartment to drop the groceries off. As it was still raining we ate in the apartment and then caught the metro to Lamarck-Caulaincourt. We walked behind Montmarte and arrived at Sacre Couer from the back. We went inside the Church and it is really something spectacular. We then walked around Montmarte, saw the artists at work and caught the funicular down to the bottom. Our walk to Gare du Nord took us through the Muslim quarter, past a squatter camp and through the Hindu quarter. We saw how to get to Europcar tomorrow and then caught a metro to Strausborg Saint-Denis. Here we saw Asian street walkers with a Black pimp! We walked through The Marais to the Archives and then along Rue des Archives to Rue des Roisiers. Dave had a crepe before we got to the Jewish quarter and in the Jewish quarter we had a macaron each. Framboise for Dave and rose for me. The easiest way to get here is Metro Saint-Paul (M1) and up Rue Pavée to Rue des Rosiers. This is a must visit area, especially on a Sunday where most things are closed on a Sunday. Dave found me a charm of the Eiffel Tower at a local shop. Felafels are the most popular thing to eat and we saw a Mi-Va-Mi. However, had it been lunch time we would have had something at the Yiddish bakery. We bought a baguette and headed back for ice cream. Dave had pistache, caramel and framboise and I chose noisette and speculoos. A new flavour for me I’m going to try at home. We then went to ‘our’ pub for a 1664 each – and the barman bought us our beers. We have a bottle of wine for dinner and finally the sun is shining.

"May 3"
May 3

with love from France
Tandy and Dave

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