Paris – May 2

Woke up very early and made coffee in the apartment. Then headed off to Madeleine where we popped in to Laduree on Rue Royale. Best known for their choux pastry, we got croissants for breakfast. We walked a bit around the area before going back to the Metro. Dave dropped his all day ticket at the bakery and thankfully it was still on the floor when we got back there! We went to Marché La Chapelle / Olive (Marx Dormoy M12). There we bought brie, maquereaux and mousse de volaille aux chataignes. The cheese and mackerel are for dinner together with tomatoes and mushrooms bought at the market. We saw grapes from South Africa and bought French strawberries from Brittany. The mousse is a pate for lunch. We then went to Maille for mustard and back to the apartment to drop everything off. We stopped at the local Carrefour for olive oil and cream and the cashier was extremely rude! I would rather walk the extra 3 blocks than buy there again. We caught the metro and went to the army museum where Napoleon is buried but didn’t go further than the exterior. Then we walked through the market in Rue Cler where we bought paella at a fishmonger, and macarons at Pralus. I had noisette and Dave had citron. We had a picnic lunch in the gardens at Joffre and then walked to the Eiffel Tower. It was teeming with people but we had a slow walk around it which was good. After that we walked past the aquarium and got onto the Metro and popped in to Le Creuset in Rue de Rennes before going to Pierre Herme for caramel macarons. You can find them at 72 Rue Bonaparte (M4 Saint-Sulpice). These had better filling but the other macarons were better. We walked past the Church and headed to Bastille. On our way we went past the ancient Roman baths and stumbled upon Laurent Dubois in Boulevard Saint Germain. This is a super area to walk around and Laurent Dubois is a well known fromagerie. We bought Morbier Vieux from fromagerie Sancey Richard. This was another place on our list but I had chosen the one in Rue Saint-Antoine so it was a good find. After seeing the monument at Bastille we headed ‘home’ for ice cream – pistache and amarena for me. My serving came with a generous serving of cherries. Dave had a crepe and after that we went to a different pub. We both had Carlsberg Elephant and the bar keep was a very friendly person. Now we are back in the apartment. I’ve washed dishes and Dave is about to cook us dinner.

"May 2"
May 2

with love from France
Tandy and Dave

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