Auxerre to Paris – May 1

Dinner last night was amazing! This morning we’ve woken to rain, and worse than my jacket no longer being waterproof, my shoes are no longer keeping the water out! I discovered this when we went to buy croissants for breakfast. Very few shops are open today but we managed to find a bar open (how strange!) for an espresso. We’ve come back to the room to dry off, and so that I can change shoes. We have walked all around Auxerre and seen what there is to see. We checked out of the hotel, bought a baguette and some terrine and walked back to the station a different route than what we had taken yesterday. Our ticket would not validate so Dave got into the queue and had it stamped. Our train to Paris arrived on time and we have an hour and 36 minutes to dry off again. Even my bag is soaked through! Things started drying off in the train and we left Bercy station and it wasn’t raining but it was cold. We stopped and had coffee, got the metro to where we are staying and ate a quick lunch on a park bench in the rain! We sad down for coffee! Expect to pay over the top for this privilege. Costs at least double, but we were out of the rain. We then checked into our apartment. It has a double bed, a tiny bathroom and an even smaller kitchen. The floor is wonky, but it’s great to be able to cook in Paris, rather than eat out. Dave checked emails and then we walked around for a bit. We went to Amorino Gelato and I had L’inimitable and Dave had Framboise héritage and pistache. We then did a small shop, had a leffe beer at a local pub and came back to the apartment. Dave started cooking – his job when we travel – and as he turned the stove on the electricity tripped. After he sorted that out he made pasta for supper which was enjoyed with another bottle of Bordeaux, this one organic.

with love from France
Tandy and Dave

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