Verneuil onwards – April 25

I woke up just before 7am and it’s raining! I snoozed until my alarm went off at 8:15 and then got ready for the day. Turns out they forgot to turn on the gas at the stove so Dave did that and we could finally have coffee. The kettle whistles at the start to let you know it’s ‘on’. We stopped at Cercy-la-Tour. There is free WiFi on the canal as well as free water and electricity. There is also no fee for tying up. We walked into the old village and had an espresso. The gentleman who owns the place worked in South Africa for 18 years! There is a bakery and local produce shop, both worth stopping at. We walked around the garden which has a huge statue and a vista of the town. Across the bridge and a 10 minute walk is a small supermarket. On our way back we popped in to the local butcher for food for lunch. We then headed down the canal for a bit. We went into the lock at Isenay which has no ladder! I don’t have long enough legs to jump back onto the barge so Dave had to reverse to fetch me. We tied up there for lunch and just as we were about to leave, the rain started up again. At the next lock we encountered another barge and it came pouring down. I discovered that my very expensive jacket is no longer waterproof and I am drenched! First stop back home will be at Due South for a new one. We stopped at Panneçot and walked around but there is nothing to see. This is where we had planned on staying the night. Mooring fees are €8 including electricity and water. It was too early to stop however. We then joined the Aron river. We got to a closed lock and waited for 2 barges and I made coffee. Thick walled mugs don’t retain the heat of the water long enough for me to still have hot coffee to the last sip. The letting out of the water pushes the boat back an amazing distance. We had a brief patch of sunshine and then the rain came back. We decided to tie up at Fleury – no charge for tying up and if you need water it is €2 for 100l. There are also shower facilities at a cost of €2.50 but I would not bother. Of course the sun came out as we tied up! We enjoyed a blonde beer, had an half hour walk and came back to the barge for supper. Fresh fettucini with a clam and mussel sauce was on the menu and a bottle of Bordeaux.

"April 25"
April 25

with love from France
Tandy and Dave

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